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Why choose us producing your toy ?

Personal Service

We are a small, family-run business. With us you will get friendly, personal care you won’t find everywhere.

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Experience and Resources

While it is possible to go directly to a factory yourself, sorting through the large numbers of them looking for one that meets safety and proper work environment requirements, supplies a quality product, and meets your needs in terms of services offered can be daunting.  Once you’ve found a factory, working with the designers while dealing with cultural and language barriers (virtually all toy factories are now overseas) can also be challenging.  If you are new to toy manufacturing, the list of tasks involved in a project — material selection, prototyping, tagging, packaging, testing, shipping, customs, and sometimes more — is overwhelming to say the least.  If you have been through it before, handling the process is time consuming and often a headache.

We have the knowledge and the relationships to take each project smoothly from start to finish.  We can offer you guidance, take care of the legwork, and handle any hiccups along the way.

Design Expertise

Our company actually began as a puppet design studio which created hand-crafted characters in a variety of styles and materials.  After many inquiries from people looking to mass produce puppets, we began to educate ourselves on the process.  Eventually, Make My Toy was born.

Our experience with character design, sewing, patterning, sculpting, casting, creating joints and mechanisms, and more make us uniquely qualified to assist and advise in the toy creation process.

Competitive Pricing

We are well aware that differences in pricing of only a few cents can add up quickly over an order of a few thousand pieces. We are always striving to offer you the most competitive price possible without compromising quality in the production process. Our small size and low overhead help us keep costs down.

Less Stress

The bottom line is we make the manufacturing process easier for you, so you can focus on the other aspects of your business or project.